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Brothers and Sisters

Just as every family is unique, each member of a family is, too! Naturally every child needs your time and attention, but the quality and quantity of that time and attention may vary depending on a child’s needs.

In addition, many brothers and sisters in the autism community use their unique strengths to explain autism to others. Sometimes they might also help more around the house or with their siblings. This benefits both siblings! At the same time, all children in the family should have opportunities to just be children.

Here are some talking points to help your children navigate the inner workings of your own family and beyond.

  • Big Feelings. As siblings, it’s okay to have big feelings about each other, and you might even feel a few different ways at once. You might feel puzzled, angry, frustrated, or worried. It’s good to talk about those feelings. You can also write them down or draw them.
  • Time Together, Time Apart. It’s great to be able to share time together and enjoy everyone’s company. But now and then, we all need time alone and with our own friends to take a break from family life, and that’s okay.
  • Same and Different. You and your sibling may be the same in lots of ways, and different in lots of other ways. That’s what makes us all special. You are both amazing!
  • Creating Understanding. Sometimes it’s hard for people outside of our family to understand your experience. Remember there are many children like you. You can always talk to a trusted adult when you feel that others don’t understand.

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