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This story stars Elmo, Abby, and their friend Julia, who has autism. Together, the three pals have a delightful playdate.

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The author, Leslie Kimmelman, with her family outdoors

Dear Readers,

More than 20 years ago, my beautiful son received the diagnosis of autism, and my world changed instantly and profoundly. I knew nothing about autism, and it seemed that those around me—even the professionals—didn’t know much either. Today, happily, that has changed. There’s greater awareness, and there has been much progress understanding autism. But it’s still a puzzle, and every child is affected differently. You’ve probably heard the saying “if you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” So what’s the most important thing for people to know? We’re all different in some way or another—that’s what makes the world an interesting place. And equally, all of us in our own way are amazing!

Leslie Kimmelman

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