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Backyard Camping

A video modeling the strategy of handling fear by drawing what you’re afraid of.

Created by Exceptional Minds, a nonprofit academy and post-production studio for people with autism.


Written By 

Jacob Lenard, David Miles, Adam Schuering, Ryan Oldis

with Howie Hoffman, Creative Director


Directed / Produced By 

Jacob Lenard and David Miles

with Howie Hoffman and Scott Sackett, Supervising Directors, and Jon Clark, Supervising Producer.


Animation & Design

Carter Capps

Jacob Lenard

Tristan Maillet

David Miles

Adam Schuering

Stephen Storti

Andrew Turney

with additional animation and design contributions from Michael Cicerelli, Craig Hills, and

Dylan Carbonell and Michael Shiu.


Music Scored at Spectrum Laboratory 

Chris Acevedo - Bass

Maya Danovitch - Vibraphone, Cymbals, Clarinet, Harp

Max McGinley - Acoustic Guitar

Spencer Griffin - Electric Guitar, Vibraphone and Flute

Atticus Jackson - Percussion arrangement

Lucas Salusky - Sound Effects

with Garth Herberg - Composer, Piano/Drums Arranger